Air Europa

Increasing 400% the online sales.

In 2006, I design a completely new concept of website for the spanish 2nd airline Air Europa. is the first web of an airline that allows the user to know the REAL price for trip at the home page, by clicking only 3 times. It increased the visit/sales conversion ratio from 1% to 4%. Visit to check it.

Choose a price, not a day.

Internet is all about price and easy-to-use. In you´ve to click only 3 times to know a real price! The great feature is the two calendares with the cheapest price of each day in the home page. Users can decide to fly a cheaper day if they prefer.

Big results!

  • 4 sales per 100 visitors.
  • The new web increased the online sales by 400%.
  • Best conversion ratio of an airline in Spain: 4% CR. Other airlines´s websites like Iberia or Spanair were around 2%.
  • 200% growth of internet as a direct sales channel.