Who wants to be called Burro?

Burro is a simple name. It´s also probably a stupid name. As many people knows it means "donkey". So it´s definitely not a name for a good mexican grill. The thing is that most of the staff that people expect from a good mexican grill are not in Burro: no mexican hats, no cactus, no wrestling masks, no siesta, no flags... nothing but delicious tacos and really nice employees.


Burro are fast food resturants where you can eat really mexican delicatessens.

As simple as white, black and the food.

There is not decoration at all at Burro, just the food. We designed the stores in collaboration with interior designer Javier Fernández, from Atmosphere. Manu Bueno help me with the art direction of all the packaging and the advertising staff.

Where the staff is the star.

They are more than cooks, waiters or employees: Burro staff are the image of the brand. All pictures were shot by photographer Félix Soriano Escribano. All the models are real employees, and we had a lot of fun during the photo session.