The mobile operator that flies.

In 2007, we work with the EMK team designing the brand, product and launching campaign for pepe´s new adventure: a mobile phone virtual operator. rented Vodafone Worldwide network and we designed a new concept of product based on cross-selling marketing.

The huge difference with others operators is that pepephone gives you back all the money you spend with your mobile to use it to buy airplane tickets.

A new pepe brand.

After pepecar and pepeptravel, Pepe extended his brand to the operator mobile business, bringing to this sector his innovating and low cost way of doing things.

Absolut Pepe!

Mobiles, boxes, sim cards... We customized all the staff for pepephone with the brand red dots, like this Sony Ericsson Z310i. It is the only cellphone in spanish market that indentifies and exhibits its mobile operator.

A flying team.

pepephone has its own MotoGP 250cc Team sponsoring the young spanish Hector Barberá. We also design his bike and suit. Come on!

Fly as much as you talk.

pepephone´s clientes accumulate each euro they spend and then they can use it to purchase airplane tickets with Air Europa.

We find this clever title as the company´s tagline: "fly us much as you talk".

TV ad.

We produced and broadcasted this spot on TV, advising of the launching of a new mobile operator that flies.

You can see another film of pepephone called The letter.

And we also created for the launching a viral advertising campaign called, something like "".

An innovating case.

The marketing guru Hermann Simon says in an interview with a spanish newspaper:

"An example of innovation is pepephone, that gives points to spend on Air Europa flights or car rentals."

What an honor!