smart for 1 euro

Creating the most innovating car rental product.

In 2003, I worked with pepecar on the creation and design of the most innovating car rental product in Spain: to rent their smarts for only 1 euro a day. It is one of the cheapest offers ever done in Spain. It was a buzz!

A new formula

1 smart. 1 day. 1 euro.How can we offer this price? Because an advertiser has already paid the rental costs of that cars using them as advertising support.

Ads on wheels

This formula guarantees 100% occupacy and circulation of all the fleet the cities. Therefore it is completely effective as an alternative advertising support.

Excelent results

  • 1 millon € income/year.
  • More than 40 satisfied advertisers like Coca-Cola, Disney, Movistar, Warner...
  • Absolut buzz marketing! Customers talk about us without inverting on media.
  • Positioned pepecar as the most economic and innovating car rental in Spain.